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At Dorchester Primary we understand the many needs that children have and would like to support them so that they can overcome the need or give them strategies to be able to deal with the need they have. If a teacher or adult is concerned about a child in the classroom they would speak to the SENCo to see if there is support available in school to help that child. The SENCo will decide which therapy is best suited to the child at the time. Parents will then receive a short referral letter to describe that particular therapy and they can choose whether to consent for it to go ahead.

Some children will require greater support to increase their emotional literacy, more so than others. Emotional literacy is about understanding and coping with the feelings of ourselves and others. It involves developing high self-esteem and creating positive interactions with other people. Being emotionally literate helps children to focus better on their learning and has a positive impact on their well- being and happiness in school.

For further information about the therapies we offer, see the links below: